Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Top 10 Reasons Saint Ambrose Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) families trust our center:

  1. Knowledgeable and Educated Teaching Staff - Most of our teachers have a four-year degree in early childhood education, or related field. Collectively, with our current teaching staff, we have over 135 years of teaching experience! We love to share that expertise with the children and families in our program! The teachers have many resources to pull from to keep the learning fun and developmentally appropriate for each child.
  2. Loving, Christian Environment - We are part of the Saint Ambrose parish and school and together we teach all of our children about God's special love for everyone. We share and teach the word of God and all the marvels of the world around us. We do this through our daily prayers during group and meal times, as well as through stories, songs and our actions. We celebrate the birth of Christ during the Advent season and at our Christmas programs. We also teach the children about Jesus' gift of rebirth and life during the Lenten season. The children attend Chapel in the Church where they learn about the many gifts God has given us and how we can share His love with others.
  3. Commitment to High-Quality Programming - We are licensed by the Department of Human Services-Licensing Division and we are also Nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and we have received our Four-Star Parent Aware of Minnesota rating. We make sure that all of our teaching staff are trained in the current best practices in the early childhood field and we provide periodic training throughout the year so that they are able to maintain their continuing education hours and training.
  4. Safety and Security - We have a secure, private entry into the ECEC. All families enrolled in the program are given a 6-digit code that is unique to each family. When a family leaves the program, those codes are disabled. We also have a doorbell system that allows us to see who is at the door, prior to allowing them access to the building. In addition, we participate in monthly fire drills all year and monthly tornado drills from April - September. Because we are part of a larger building, we also practice lock-down procedures. Our training covers many areas of safety and security including our Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness Plans, Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Abusive Head Trauma and other OSHA required safety trainings.  
  5. Convenience - Saint Ambrose Church, School, and ECEC are located at the corner of Bailey Road and Woodbury Drive. We are just minutes from the I-94 and I-494 interchanges.
  6. Flexible Programming - We offer both a full day, year round program as well as a half day, school year program. This helps meet the needs of full time working families as well as those who are looking for a shorter day option. Both programs offer the same curriculum base and follow both the NAEYC and Parent Aware standards on early childhood education. Our full day program is open from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM and serves children from 8 weeks until Kindergarten. Families can choose from 2, 3, 4, or 5 full days. Our half day program runs from September - May and has a two day option (M, W or T, TH) for three and four-year olds and a three day option (M, W, F or T, TH, F) for four and five-year olds. The M, W and M, W, F programs are from 8:45 / 9:00 - 11:30 / 11:45 and the T, TH and T, TH, F programs are from 9:00 / 9:15 - 2:00 / 2:15.
  7. Open Door Policy - Families are always welcome to visit their child or children while they are in attendance at the Saint Ambrose ECEC. Volunteering is also encouraged, but we do require that all of the appropriate paperwork and background checks be completed prior to volunteer in the ECEC or school. We will also provide activities during the day and we invite you to attend those things, when you are able!
  8. On-site Meals and Snacks - We have an on-site chef who is a Certified Food Manager and regulated by the Department of Health. The kitchen prepares meals and snacks daily for the children in the ECEC and school. We partake in the National School Lunch program and nutritional standards are followed. We are a PEANUT / TREE-NUT FREE CENTER. We emphasize the importance of healthy meals and snacks served in our program.
  9. Outdoor and Large Muscle Room Space - The ECEC has a wonderful indoor Large Muscle Room that each classroom uses throughout the day. Classrooms are scheduled to use the Large Muscle Room in the morning and again in the afternoon. In addition to the active play in the Large Muscle Room, we also have two beautiful playground areas. One area is for our toddlers and the other is for the preschool-aged children. The playgrounds are separated by a fence, so siblings are able to see each other while playing outside.
  10. Family Events - We believe families play a big role in their child's education, starting at this very young age. We want families to be a part of our program and what we do here each day. We do this by providing different activities for families to participate in during the year. In the fall, we kick the year off with an Ice Cream Social. This is a great time for families to visit and get to know one another. Starting in October, we encourage families to start volunteering in the center and in their child's classroom. In December, we have a Christmas program where all of the children sing songs for their families in the Church. There is also an Art Show and Scholastic Book Fair in the spring along with our Family Picnic. On the Fourth of July we have a big parade, stop at the flag pole to say the Pledge of Allegiance and then finish off with a picnic outside (weather permitting!). All families are welcome to join us for the parade!

Parent Testimonials

The Saint Ambrose Early Childhood Education Center is a wonderful center that provides our children with a safe and nurturing environment from which to learn and grow. The teachers and staff are some of the most caring, dedicated people we know. It's clear from the progress we've seen in our children that the ECEC fosters an environment of solid intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth. We can't say enough about the teachers and staff, the curriculum and the personal attention, care and love our children receive on a daily basis.

We are thrilled with our choice to enroll our children in the ECEC and would recommend the center to any parent or guardian looking to cultivate their child's growth by giving them a solid foundation to build upon in life.

Natalie & Brian D.


We just want to say thanks to you and all the Saint Ambrose Early Childhood Education Center for the great job, dedication, care and love that all of you deliver to both our kids every day they are there with you. We are happy and blessed to have had the opportunity to have our kids with you during the last 3 years. We have seen our kids grow and become every day better kids, learn so much and build more friendships. They wake up every day looking forward to being with their teachers and friends!

I would certainly recommend Saint Ambrose ECEC to any family looking for a place where their child will grow in their knowledge about God, good manners, love and care for others!

Monica & Armando B.


Our family has been associated with the Saint Ambrose Early Childhood Education Center for the past 7 years and we have found it to be both a very nurturing and educational environment for our children. We have never viewed Saint Ambrose as institutional. When the time came for us to look for child care, we were drawn to Saint Ambrose because of its friendly and nurturing atmosphere, its Christian values and education structure. Saint Ambrose is a place where kids can be kids, yet provides an atmosphere where the children learn, grow, and prepare for elementary school.

When our 3-year old wakes up on Saturday mornings, she asks if she is going to school. She expresses her disappointment when we tell her no, today is Saturday! We have found the staff to be consistent and excellent, both as it relates to caring and educating our children as well as communicating with parents.  

Dan & Cheryl M.


We have had children in the St. Ambrose Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) for over eight years.  Our son started there when he was a year old and our daughter when she was three months old.  This longevity shows our satisfaction with this program for our two children.  There are so many positive things to mention about the St. Ambrose ECEC.  

Here are a few key items why we like the ECEC: Longevity and Quality of Staff:  One of the key items is the longevity of the staff; many of whom have worked there since the center opened in September 2000.  It has been great working with the same teachers with both of our children, especially considering our children are four years apart.  The staff at the St. Ambrose ECEC is top notch – they are caring, kind, observant and helpful.  In addition, you can tell they enjoy each other’s company and are friendly to one another.  We have always felt we are leaving in our children in good hands.  When we have had questions, we have always been encouraged to call or talk to the teachers at drop off or pick up.  We have never felt we were bothering a teacher by doing so.  I truly know my children have been in a caring, nurturing and learning environment where the teachers want the best for the children.  In addition, we have also loved that the teachers still say “hi” and talk to our son who is now in third grade. Education:  Our children have gained fundamental educational and social skills to get them off to the right start in kindergarten.  Our son’s teacher commented on how highly prepared he was for kindergarten which I attribute to the education he received at the St. Ambrose Early Childhood Education Center.  St. Ambrose provides great exposure to chapel and church, along with a well-rounded curriculum for all age groups. In the eight years we have been bringing our children to St. Ambrose, we can not think of a day they have complained or have not wanted to go to school. My son is still close friends with children he met when he was 1.  We highly recommend St. Ambrose Early Childhood Education Center for any and all ages of children.  

Angie & Jerome G.